Luis Govantes ProfileDJ Lu

Accomplished professional with Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Engineering specializing in communication systems, multimedia, videography, photography, music and entertainment.

Well, my career as an Electronics Engineer focuses on computers, videography, music, and communication systems. As a former Systems Engineer and Program Manager for a large Telecommunications company, I worked on the “Internet of the sky” or Aeronautical Telecommunications Network (ATN) which connects airplanes to ground networks.  I also write Web pages and can provide internet, computer, or applications services to anyone with this need. I enjoy providing turnkey custom business productivity solutions for business operations.  As far as videos are concerned, I have a great deal of experience making videos for weddings, graduations, school functions, and other events as well as a music master for DJ and KJ services.  I mix the engineering background with the creativity of a visual artist with the videos and music I produce.

How does computers and mutimedia relate? Well, the technology that I’ve learned and developed with communication systems, computers and networks has been applied to performing all of my entertainment services.  Can’t wait to hear from you!!! Poeple make it happen, so call on me for a memorable experience that will last a lifetime!