Web Site Design Service

Choice One Productions will work closely with you to provide you with a special web site for your personal or business needs and to promote your events!

Key Benefits

  • Personalized and customized professional consultation for service
  • Web hosting recommendations for permanent personalized web-site
  • The use of pictures, graphics, video (as needed)
  • The use industry standard web design and publishing tools
  • Great promotional tool for any event
  • Completely integrates with event planning, videography, and coordinating service
  • Consideration for use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to promote site.


Web Page packages are customized for the particular situation and/or event.  All web  packages include preliminary consultation, the use of pictures, graphics, and other state-of-the-art web elements to produce a web site to advertise and orient guests to your event.  Whether your event is a wedding, graduation, special party, etc., you can provide key information on your web page as follows:

For Events:

  • Date, Time, and place for your event complete with maps, hyperlink to location information, etc.
  • Event dress code
  • Background for your event, including pictures and graphics to set the stage.
  • Guest book
  • Event Sign-up with email responder
  • Feedback forms for event preparation, comments, etc.
  • Event pictures, videos, etc. once event takes place
  • Links to other registration for gifts, event items (e.g. flowers, catering) etc.
  • This integrates nicely with other service offerings including photography, videography, and event coordination.

For Business or Personal:

Complete design service including galleries, blogs, forums, slide shows, multimedia support, e-commerce, promotions, special links, dynamic content, etc.

Choice One Productions has all the necessary equipment and knowledge to make your website the best it can be..