Magic Shows

Choice One Productions will work closely with you to provide you with a special Magic Show custom made for your event!

Our Magic Show Service and Packages

Choice One Productions can:

  • provide Magic Show services to really spice up your event or party.
  • Our experience with numerous “live” situations allows us to adapt to continuously changing scenarios during the event.
  • use wireless microphones to capture each and every sound of your event with perfect clarity.
  • plan and coordinate with you in advance to ensure a professional, personalized and unique  production.  Video of the event can be a great option.
  • create a unique entertainment and educational experience with use of music, videos, and special costumes for great comedy and magic together.
  • are personalized.  We make it a point to know our customers and their particular needs.
  • integrate DJ/KJphotographyweb-design and event coordination services!  These are available as separate, standalone services as well.


Special Parties
Special parties include sweet sixteen, retirements, anniversary, birthdays, special occasion celebrations, surprises or any organized celebration or recognition of anSpecial Party! individual or group.  All of our magic shows equipment is of professional grade to provide the greatest illusions and clarity of use of music and video combinations for a memorable experience. Choice One Productions can optionally work closely with you to provide you with a special video memory of your party.

DJ/KJ Service Option

DJ/KJ Service is also available to support your event/party.  With a vast selection of music, specific requests and styles can be accommodated. Entertainment can include dance lessons, magic show, comedy routines, special roasts, lighting, audience participation skits, karaoke, and many “fun” activities and games depending on your event.  Videography services can also be used to create special effects and moods for your event.

Note on Packages

Magic show packages are customized for the particular situation and event.  All packages include preliminary consultation and interview to determine event profile (event goals/theme, price range, guests, type of event… wedding, graduation, special party, etc.).  All packages typically include:

  • Preliminary consultation and interview
  • Selection of style, mood, environment, music choices, itinerary, entertainment, etc.
  • Periodic consultation, as needed.
  • Special music remix (optional) with professional editing studio.  This can lead to the creation of special CDs/DVDs.
  • Event (on-site) at one location (other locations optional)
  • Event Advertising (optional)
  • Web Site (optional)
  • Event pictures, videos, etc. (optional)

Typical Party magic usually has a mix of

  • Illusions
  • Vanishes
  • Close-up Magic
  • Mentalist Moves
  • Use of audience
  • Use of costumes and props
  • Music and Optional Video
  • Use of games and audience participation
  • Lots of Comedy and stories
  • Learning, Laughing, and WOW experience


  • Private Parties Start At $150
  • Receptions Start At $200 (discounts may be available)

*Important Note : Please use these prices for reference only.

We base our quotes on the following :

  1. Type Of Event

  2. Date Of Event

  3. Location Of Event

  4. Size Of The Event

  5. *Package Combination With Other Services

Type of Event

Time Guests Price*

1 hours

1-50 $150
Party 1 hours 51-150 $200
Party 1 hours 151-250 $250
Reception 1 hours 1-50 $200
Reception 2 hours 51-150 $250
Reception 3 hours 151-250 $300

* Also note that a combination package (video, photography, web site, DJ/KJ, etc.) will result in significant savings.

Choice One Productions has all the necessary equipment and knowledge to make your event the best it can be.

Special note:  Ask about our community event specials and save up to 30%.


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