Photography Services

Choice One Productions will work closely with you to provide you with a special photography to fit your needs.

Photography Service is available to support your event.  This service is performed in concert with other services or stand-alone.  Significant savings can be obtained with combination packages.  Some options provide for slide shows, age morphing, prints on a variety of media, web site shows, colorful artistic graphical exposés, and, of course, the classical albums of your choice.

Key Benefits

  • Personalized and customized professional consultation for service personalized to taste.
  • Full list of delivery media options (DVD/SVCD slide show, morphing integration to videos, album selection, web site, iron-ons)
  • Use of latest state-of-the-art digital system
  • Eliminates the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors and details
  • Great package discounts
  • Completely integrates videography, web, and DJ/KJ service


Photography packages are customized for the particular situation and event.  All packages include preliminary consultation and interview to determine event profile (event goals, price range, guests, type of event… wedding, graduation, special party, etc.).  All packages typically include:

  • Preliminary consultation and interview
  • Proposal of style, environment, color choices, entertainment content (e.g. special effects for mood, comedic exposé  , etc.)
  • Periodic consultation, as needed.
  • Special music backgrounds with professional editing studio (for DVD/SVCD slide shows)
  • Event (on-site) at one location (other locations optional)
  • Event Advertising (optional) pictures
  • Web Site (optional) pictures
  • Integration with DJ/KJ services for slide show presentations during event (e.g. wedding reception slide show of growing up, meeting, family, etc. (optional))


  • Private/Freeform Parties Start At $300
  • Formal Events Start At $500

*Important Note : Please use these prices for reference only.

We base our quotes on the following :

  1. Type Of Event
  2. Date Of Event
  3. Location Of Event
  4. Size Of The Event
  5. Photo Editing (based on photos provided by client for event)
  6. *Package Combination With Other Services

Type of Event

Time Number of Picture on CD/DVD Price*
Party/Freeform shots

4 hours

50 $300
4 hours 150 $400
4 hours 250 $500
Wedding/Formal Staged Shots 4 hours 50 $500
4 hours 150 $600
4 hours 250 $700

* Also note that a combination package (video, photography, web site, DJ/KJ, etc.) will result in significant savings.

Choice One Productions has all the necessary equipment and knowledge to make your event the best it can be..